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Before Rootine's stress program, I had no idea how certain things I was doing everyday -- like coffee on an empty stomach -- were impacting my stress. This process has taught me so much. I feel better equipped to handle stress in my daily life than I ever have.

Richard Marton

Columbus, OH

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Rootine was built from the ground up by leading scientists and medical experts, leveraging the best in science and technology to change the game in personalized nutrition. Introducing the most accurate micronutrient formula to optimally support your cells.  We have over 700 trillion micronutrient formulas.

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Dr. Daniel Wallerstorfer on the Stress Test

 “Cortisol is a key biomarker to understand how the body reacts to stress.  Through testing you, can discover the root cause of symptoms and track improvements over time.” 

1. Test your key stress hormone at home

Start by testing your cortisol levels to inform your precision plan. Sample collection method: saliva

2. Learn how you respond to stress

Learn your body's stress type and receive a personalized plan to help address stress at the root

3. Optimize your health

Implement your plan. Track your progress and re-test to make sure your Rootine is evolving with you.

Take a data-driven, holistic approach to stress

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  • Quarterly cortisol test

  • Dashboard insights

  • Progress tracking and dynamic insights

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  • One-time cortisol test

  • Dashboard insights

Six signs stress is impacting your health

Chronic overwhelm

Poor sleep

Low productivity & focus

Sugar & salt cravings

Digestive issues


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A precision plan to conquer stress

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your cortisol levels

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